2 Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Can Fix In An Hour

The 2-minute guide to what local businesses like yours need to know, so you don’t get left behind by the guys who “get it”

Digital marketing can be complicated and sometimes difficult to approach correctly.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made a lot of mistakes when building my business. To help you wade through the flood of internet marketing “strategies”, today we’ll talk about two BIG mistakes local businesses make that are actually pretty easy to fix in a very short amount of time.

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They Don’t Own Digital Real Estate

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The big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have spots for your business available, but they can’t promote your business until you “claim” your spot.

Our advice to small business owners: Set up an optimized Google+ Local page.

With a Google+ Local page, you can:

1. Handle customer reviews – View and respond to customer reviews so you can be up-to-date about what is being said about you – and have a chance to fix it!

2. Begin building an online network of clients – People can “follow” you on Google plus. Use this channel to let them know about your sales specials, tips on roof maintenance, etc.

3. Present your business profile – add store hours, address, photos, etc.

Too-Long-Did-Not-Read Summary: Having an optimized Google+ page will help people find you more readily in searches like “Maryland roofing companies”. Don’t miss this one.

2. They Don’t Respond To Customer Reviews


Whether you are aware of them or not, people are leaving reviews about your business and they aren’t all positive. Most local businesses don’t ever respond to these positive and negative reviews. We’ve even seen some blow up about a negative review and make things much worse! Don’t be that guy.

A shocking 79% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – so get involved and manage your online reputation!

Our advice to small business owners: Actively monitor your business reviews on:

1. Yelp

2. Google+

3. Home Advisor

4. BBB

3 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation:

Respond to every review – The good and the bad. People looking at reviews absolutely love seeing engagement by the business owner themselves. If someone leaves a good review, leave them a note telling them thanks and you hope to work with them again. If someone complains, don’t just awkwardly ignore it and hope it goes away, be sure to respond using the tips below.

Don’t get defensive – Everyone reading these reviews is deciding if they want to be a customer, so they are naturally going to side with and believe the customer’s complaint. Don’t just brush off the poor experience (even if they were wrong), be sure to validate their opinion and offer a way to fix it moving forward.

Take the conversation offline – If a negative review needs to be discussed, have the conversation on the phone or via email, not on the review site. Nobody needs to see the details getting worked out. Similarly, other potential customers will walk away if they see the owner spending too much time verbally hashing out a disagreement with a customer on a public forum.

Too-Long-Did-Not-Read Summary: Potential customers trust reviews. Don’t miss your opportunity to turn the public opinion of your company.

And that’s it!

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