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Email marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing campaign. Still today, it has the highest customer engagement rates among various online marketing strategies. According to recent studies, average email open rate from digital marketing companies now stands at 20%. If you are struggling with an open rate lower than this, here are six steps to improve the number.


1. Don’t mislead, be upfront.
From the introductory notes of your email, give your reader a clear idea about what they are going to read in the following sections. Don’t put some lucrative yet irrelevant content that might give some false impression to the readers. Let them know from the beginning that you are going to promote your product along with some useful information for them. This not only prepares them for what they are going to read next, but also it helps to build trust.


2. Let the users sign-up smoothly.
Although making a user go through your email till the end gets half the work done, signing up them for your website is a difficult task. When any user chooses to sign-up, don’t make them go through complex processes. Streamline the entire registration process and get it done with the minimum required details. Providing the users with some gifts can do magic in ensuring high engagement rates.


3. Edit your Subject line skillfully.
This is the golden rule of a successful online marketing campaign. The power of an impressive subject line should never be underestimated. If the subject line is too weak to make people interested to read on, then high email open rates will be a far-fetched thing. This is the first thing that catches the user’s attention and by crafting it beautifully you ensure that the users open it for reading.


4. Send Personalized Emails.
The chances of getting your email opened to enhance when you address the recipient by their first names. Generic emails often get lost in the overflowing inbox of the users. To catch the user’s attention immediately, use their first name in the subject line so that they get curious to open it and read further.


5. Send Emails from Personal ID’s.
Emails generated with default company name as the sender often find their way to the auto-delete folder of the users. People often ignore emails, which are sent from companies as they give a clear idea of promotional messages. So use a personal email id as the sender so that the reader treats it as an authentic email and grows curious to open it.


6. Send Emails at appropriate times and keep them mobile-friendly.
Study and keep track of each user’s behavior of reading emails. Though sending emails on holidays and in the afternoons stands a better chance, tracking individual user preferences will help you more than that. Moreover, keep your contents responsive to any screen sizes so that the user can view them on any devices.


Many promotional emails are deleted before they see the light of the day. Email marketing should be handled carefully to fetch expected results. The above-mentioned methods do not guarantee 100% open rates, but they can definitely give a boost to your email open rates and speed up your lethargic digital marketing campaign.

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