Amazing Sense of Humor with Thought-Provoking Social Media Marketing Principles

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Sighs! People are connected on Twitter and Facebook, but they do not feel any great LinkedIn with each other.
Social Media! Social Media! Tell us what the users want to relate and know the relative facts and dramatic figures. Social Media Marketing has taken the full drama screen of marketing and the products to the next level, whether it is Facebook or beloved Twitter trolls. Everyone wants to know the story behind the product and if presented hilariously, then whoa! The brand reaches the next level, isn’t it Zara?
Most of the marketers in the present time are providing a touch of comedy in order to make a straight road in the minds of the audiences. This helps them to create memes and at the same time relate the usefulness of the product with daily life of the users. Here are some of the perfect and comic social media marketing principles that will connect the users with the makers:

Yes Mam or Yes Man Rule!
The stand-up comedy is precisely liked as the person goes on Twitterati Trolls after ten shots of Jack Daniels. The attraction and impressive “Yes” comes out automatically. As a team member, everyone will be out after strong Facebook or Instagram shots and will be building a collaborative team. The team will help in engaging other people in their trolls and memes and the marketing chain starts forming.
Similarly, it can be seen that the first principle the social media marketer can follow is engaging the users with the brand conversation. As the brand is the only medium between the company and the users so to tune out well, the brand should speak for itself. With this, the users will join the conversation about the brand, and the engaging content will lead the steps further towards successful marketing.

Pinning down the Hecklers
The LOL factor goes around and then comes around as the whole Facebook Universe goes LOL! LOL! Moreover, settling down on the ROFL! One can see many brand trolls or memes rounds going around on the social media sites and this become hard to seize. The hecklers are the people behind it and it is must for every brand to go ahead with the heckler management.
The comedians for sure do not give attention and give a rolling ball in the Hecklers court that cannot make them stand in their memes. Likewise, in the social media marketing, one may find many unsatisfied customers and if the marketer is capable enough to satisfy the users then it is a win-win situation for the brand.

Calling Back to the Community
Shake the Martini, said the marketer. Why? Asked the Bartender! Well! I will have Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as I recall going Blue and Red at the same time. The comedians usually initiate with the hilarious joke then go round and round and come back to the pun-intended joke again.
Same is with the Social Marketing, as the marketers need to Callback a fascinating feature of the brand, they brought up last time. They can compare with the next introduced features or the post they pinned up last time. This will help in knowing about the consumer’s reaction and the community outreach will improve.

Don’t Beg! Marketing Concept repeats – “Don’t Beg”
Marketer goes out of the trampoline! Why? Post Shouted! Hush! He was worried about the Bounce rates! If a comedian will ask his audience to laugh aloud on the very joke he cracks, this will definitely lead to the few grins. Oh! This makes the audience laugh at you and not on the taste they have to get from the joke.
Therefore, people can come across the post about the brand of a marketer and the desperation increases to get more likes and shares all over the social media. However, the volume went low and the things did not work as is expected. In this case, the social media marketer needs to check out for the things that went wrong. The content should be improved so that the next time when you go for brand promotion on social media, this will help in attracting more online users.

Social Media Marketing – Beyond a Good Laugh
Humor does bring people together and a hearty laugh on Social Media Marketing will bring people from across the globe together. It will even help the marketers to get an insight into the audience’s mind and approach. As it can be seen that good comedy involves more than standing up and telling jokes. Therefore, the good marketer needs to get a peep inside the mind of the users and get a LinkedIn with them.

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