(Case Study) Three Invisalign Patients in 12 Days

How To Generate Three Invisalign Patients In The Next 12 Days For Your Dental Practice

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How I Generated 87 Qualified Leads for Invisalign Treatments… and only spent $347.19

Let me ask you a question:

 Are you a dental practice owner, a dentist or Dental Practice Manager who have capacity for more patients?


In fact, would you like to see exactly how I utilized the internet to help a local dental practice in Hazlet to generate 87 leads within 12 days?


First let me say that I know “leads” aren’t the be all and end all of your practice. In fact, “leads” mean nothing if:

  1. They’re not qualified; and
  2. If you can’t convert them to actual patients.


Being completely transparent, of these 87 leads that were generated between December 7 2015 – December 18 2015, the local practice that I was Marketing for only had enough availability to consult with three new patients who each paid a consultation fee of $97.

 The practice created treatment plans of $4,999 each for two of these patients.

 At the time of this writing, it’s unclear to me how many of the remaining 84 leads booked a consultation, or if any other treatment plans were delivered.

 Here is what I do know;

Local internet marketing for dental practices is virtually untapped with very low competition. There’s Huge Growth Potential   and this is a massive opportunity for the First Dental Practice to take action…

However, I can only work with ONE dental practice per area.

Firstly, I must say that if you’re like most dental practice owners or in the medical field, you most likely do not like the idea of “advertising” for your services, and that is perfectly fine.

But as your practice is standing tall & proud in your local area, it also requires a strong presence on the web. Think of the web as an entirely UNTAPPED area for you to display your results, subtly teaching local consumers that you’re the authority in your local area… The only worthwhile or “Go-to” practice around.


Or maybe you’re unsure whether digital / internet marketing is really what your practice needs to grow. With average adults in the US spending nearly 11 hours a day “online” in some fashion, you’re ignoring a massive host of potential new patients. I want to empower you with the knowledge of what Digital / Internet growth can do for your practice.

 “Advertising” is only “seen” as selling if your audience realizes you want to sell something.

  “Being the best practice in your area and constantly reminding your audience of your superiority equals growth.”

Here’s where most advertisers/marketers/lead generating companies miss the point, and it’s where you, as a practice, end up feeling uncomfortable with selling.


I remember a time, specifically, where I never used to even know what it meant to advertise online.  When I launched my first business in 2009, I suddenly realized that I was simply ignoring a HUGE chunk of potential clients and my pursuit for digital / internet marketing began.

At first I didn’t plan anything I did online, there was nothing strategic about what I did and I had no framework or even a basic understanding around what should happen.


Now, seven years later (at the end of 2015), and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, with major successes in multiple industries (all unrelated to the dental industry), I’m finally here to unveil the power of the digital / internet marketing world to you.

I’m a business owner like yourself who uses the techniques I’m about to share with you in my own businesses. I’m sharing this knowledge to help you grow your business. That said…

“Can Any Dental Practice Employ This System?”

The answer to that question is NO, absolutely not. There’s certain criteria that must be met in order to release huge hidden profits immediately. Your practice must:


  • Offer high ticket, high margin products such as dental implants, Invisalign, etc;
  • Have excess capacity in your practice that would facilitate an additional $25k per month of revenue; and
  • Be looking to efficiently and rapidly release the trapped profits that the underutilized capacity holds.



Case Study

Step 1.

I created a Facebook Advertisement and offered the audience something as simple as a free report on Invisilign to download.

Step 2.

In order to download the free guide they were asked to provide their email address and phone number. Once they downloaded the guide they were then sent to a page with a call to action for them to speak with “One of Our Experts” right now.

What does this all mean?

The above Dental Practice is owned by a people just like you. They had reservations about using online strategies, but they were completely surprised by the outcome.

By doing this type of growth advertising, they were seen by over 100,000 people in their local area. Their phone lines got busy ringing again. They saw more and more patients in those two weeks, and until today, some patients who saw their advertisement online, still phone up for an appointment.




Simply because they stood out and did what no other dental practice in the area did.

 I have no doubt that they’ll continue to get clients from the downloaded report (it has a few calls to action in it!). The lead time could be up to 8-12 weeks before a potential patient will reach out.

Had this Dental Practice improved their strategies for influencing potential patients to make decisions quicker, they would have seen far more patients in that 12 day period.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers using my current statistics:

87 people downloaded the report.

If 10% of those people come in for a consultation (within 4 weeks):

  • 8 x $97 (consultation fee) = $776

 If 38% of those 8 people purchase a treatment of $4999 each:

  • 3 x $4999 = $14,997

  So, $347.19 ad spend for a return of $15,773 ($776 + $14,997). That makes the  Return on Investment 4,545%   / Month


Now let’s say you see the system working… And now you want to spend $1,000 on advertising…


So if $347.19 got us 87 downloads – $1,000 will get you:

  • 256 Leads


If 10% of those leads come in for a consultation (within 4 weeks):

  • 25 x $97 (consultation fee) = $2,425


If 38% of those 25 consultations purchase a treatment of $4,999 each:

  • 9 x $4,999 = $44,991.


Profits: $47,416

ROI: 4,741%


(when last have you spent $1,000? The mortgage, a holiday, a gift?)

If You Could Implement This Into Your Practice With ZERO Extra Work, Using Battle Tested Campaigns That Are Proven To Attract Only The Best Prospects And Have Taken over $402,000 To “Fine Tune” To Perfection…Would You Be Interested?

The foundation of a great plan is a belief in the possibility of greater things. Does the potential exist in your practice to experience massive results?

 Are you good enough, is your product good enough, are your people good enough, are you committed enough?

 If the answer is YES and I know it is, or you wouldn’t still be reading, then my next question is why hasn’t it happened yet?

 Too busy to focus on growth? Too risky or are you just not sure how or where to start?

Those are the typical answers I get to that question but none of those reasons are really problems. I assure you, you’re a lot closer than you might think!

Since I Already Know Now That Your Practice Has Real Growth Potential…

You might be thinking right now;

  “Is this for me?”


“Am I going to get my money’s worth out of this program?”


Or you might even think it’s a little expensive…

 Let me ask you this….

Expensive compared to what?


Is it expensive compared to not actively taking the correct steps to grow your Practice predictably? How much was your “natural” growth in 2015?

 Was $3-4,000 extra per month? Maybe not even that?

  Is it expensive compared to not doing anything and letting other practices take those patients?


Or is it expensive compared to that web guy or SEO guy that you pay monthly but you can’t really track whether what he’s doing is actually getting results or having a significant impact on your practice?

 In terms of you asking the question;

“Will you get your money’s worth from this?”


If you don’t see results then I simply refund you. No tricks, no difficult processes – we are building a relationship. There’s literally zero risk to this.

The question I have to ask you right now is; Are you prepared to make a commitment to your practice and your employees?


Are you finally prepared to make a difference?

Are you prepared to take the steps that are necessary?

 Sure, this is a big decision but if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this document and really thinking about this right now.


So it’s important for you as you move into 2016 that we take the steps necessary.


I know for a fact that in 2015 you had goals, dreams and desires that you didn’t achieve and we want to make 2016 different to that. So if anything I’ve said in this document right now makes sense to you, not just logically but emotionally, if there’s a voice inside of your head right now that is compelling you to take action, then reach out.

 I cannot help you if you do not reach out.

 It is entirely up to you.

 If you make the investment and you decide to come aboard with me in 2016, which I urge you to do, the very worst that can happen, the very worst case scenario is; you come onboard, we work together, you don’t get results and I give you your money back.


That’s how confident I am about getting you results.


So literally, it is a decision you have to make right now.

 You either reach out to me or you don’t.

 If you don’t, you walk away, you carry on with every single day of your life wondering what would be – you’ll think back to this point in time and think, I should have probably reached out.

 So if you feel compelled to do so, reach out right now.

 I can only work with one Dental Practice in your area – if it works, you are going to be the most popular Practice around, if not then it means I can help anyone in that area…


So, It’s important that you reach out right now.


If you want to take action in your practice, you want to start to change the direction of your practice, if you want to make 2016 the most empowering and exciting time of your life, reach out now and we shall get you started!

“I Can Only Help A Limited Amount Of Practices and By Not Choosing – You Are Also Choosing…”

If what you’ve seen here makes sense and you like the idea of a 100% risk free relationship where I do all the work, take all the risk and if you own a practice on the verge of big things, message me here and  I’ll contact you personally to set up a 15 minute call where we explore if it’s a good fit or not. If it’s not right then I’ll politely let you know it’s not the right time, if it is right, we’ll move forward from there.


All the best with growing your business,


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