Why small businesses need digital marketing in the new age of social media!

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There is no doubt that social media marketing offers huge opportunities for businesses to communicate and engage with their target market. Day in and day out most small businesses miss out on tons of lost revenue, because of a lack of understanding of digital marketing in the new age. Most social media platforms have allowed the average small business to reach more people then they thought was possible . So lets look into 3 changes of digital marketing in the new age.

The three Most Valuable Changes to Social Media Marketing in the new Age

With changes in social media marketing appearing consistently, we’ve outlined the most major shifts to watch for in 2016 and beyond.


  1. Paid Social Is the New Reality for all Social Media Channels.


Only five years ago, businesses were able to profit from social media marketing without meaningful direct investment. Paid social publicity is the only way to benefit truly from the significant social media channels. Like Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and most importantly Facebook, specifically, continuously develop their algorithms to provide a reliable experience for their users. Facebook, for example, works carefully to develop algorithms that give a truly tailored and targeted experience for their users.


This means that businesses have to follow and work adjacent to their algorithms if they want to reach their perfect target market. In my personal experience, the best way to reach your users on these social media platforms is to invest in paid social media marketing, such as Facebook Ads. In effect, the appearance of social media marketing is developing, as businesses start to invest in powerful, targeted policies.


But as Facebook starts to ask more and more financial investment for advertisement income, businesses may rise to seek other social media platforms that more completely, and less expensively, help them to reach their desired viewers.


2. We Are in the Age of Records.


These indeed are the age of big records. As an author at IBM Big Information Hub explains, everything in our lives is taken digitally as every action or behavior is related to a data source. The actual side of the data coin for businesses is that there is a treasure trove of data online, which can help you to properly create an effective craft with which to efficiently communicate with your desired online following. Neil Patel at Kissmetrics describes just how data mining can give businesses the competing edge when it comes to social media marketing. With the wealth of knowledge that data gives, and with the boost in investment in paid social media ability and engagement, data will more help businesses to reach their viewers in cost-effective methods.


  1. It’s Less About Social, and More About Analytics and the plan

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As a result of the two main changes listed above, it can’t be denied that the new age of social media marketing rotates around analytics and policy. Businesses are developing to explain social media in a different direction; it’s no longer about turning up, or just having a bearing on as many social media networks as potential. Now, it takes a lot more to reach your desired following efficiently and turn social media marketing into ROI and conversion. The new age of social media marketing is about strategy. Social media administrators will need to focus less on the social aspect of digital marketing, and more on analytics. That will also motivate many businesses to explore alternative options for their social media marketing. Follow us on twitter: @F1_digital or you can also follow us on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/f1digital/.

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