Dynamic And Impressive Web Design Trends For The Year 2017


Technology is changing every now and then, and the IT industry watches out the newer and latest trends every year. This will not only help the companies but the market at large as people want to witness modern trends. The companies can also make their place in the competition by following the newest trends. Therefore, the IT companies will now witness something latest in the Web Design in the year 2017. Here are some of the latest trends that IT companies’ designers and developers will witness in this year:

Customized Illustrations

The customized illustrations are going to save time and money of the designers as they can create their own library and create designs according to the demands of the clients. They create the tone, personality, designs and convey it to the audiences. This will help in making your website stand out in the competition, and designers are even using bespoke designs for the same.

Usage of GIFs

The GIFs or the animated images can bring liveliness in the Web Design as many companies are using it to stand tall in the online marketing competition. With the right usage of the GIFs, it will improve the User Experience, and people will find your website more interactive. Most of the companies like F1 Digital Consulting designers recommend their clients to use GIF for the new offers, sales pop-ups, discounted products and much more.

Watch out for the Micro interactions

People use the Micro interactions daily that involves clicking the like button on a social networking site to the web page on the websites. This should be designed in a great way so that the users can use your website without any hassle. The designers should focus on placing them in the right manner so that the users do not have to face any problem while using or closing down the web page of the website.

Rapid Utilization of the Prototyping Tools

The designers would like the launching of the website right from the prototyping tools that are carved on the browser. Under this, the designer does not have to write the single line of the code and can use the services like Webflow, InVision, UXpin and Marvel. They help in the designing of the high and low fidelity prototypes of the client’s websites. With this, they can maintain the aesthetic sense and the usability of the company’s website.

Bringing in Virtual Reality

The trend of VR will see a growth in the Website Design in the year 2017 as people are accepting the newer technologies and the drastic changes that are being initiated. The designing of the site using the Virtual Reality will help in making the company’s website in lesser time. The F1 Digital Consulting designers are looking forward to the new tools and practices.


In today’s competitive world, everyone is looking forward to growing up in his or her respective field, and the IT sector has developed so tremendously that out of the box ideas are required to get a better return on the investments.

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