How Google’s Verified Customer Reviews Boost Your Online Business

The shopping trends have changed now. These days, buyers usually explore various shopping sites before buying a product to know the customer’s feedback and reviews about the product. It does play a decisive role. Positive reviews prompt us to buy the item while negative ones discourage us from doing so.

Google is the apt place to know the customer’s reviews and feedback about a particular product. Google Search Engine algorithm has recently initiated verified customer reviews, which is completely free.

It certainly holds an edge because only the real consumers can post a verified customer review – online purchase is necessary in this regard. Spammers and fake customers can’t post their reviews under this category.

Steps to Sign Up for Verified Customer Reviews

  • Sign up or sign in to your Merchant Center Account.
  • Select “Merchant Center Programs” from the list.
  • Click “Get Started” and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Add the unique survey opt-in code to your e-commerce portal.
  • Add the badge to your site with Google’s rating and verified customer’s reviews.

The Process of Obtaining a Verified Customer Review

Once a customer purchases a product online, Google will send him an email link to furnish his feedback with the product invoice detail. Fake customers can’t do so as every valid invoice has a unique number for each purchase.

All verified customers review published online. Now, it becomes an onus for the company to offer a quality product to customers at the best price. The company can also take advantage of it by optimizing verified customer reviews. It helps to improve the firm’s ranking at a regional business listing through Google local SEO.

3 Golden Tips to Grab Verified Customers’ Review Frequently 

  • Incentives: Usually, customers don’t enter reviews unless, they are lured to do so with appropriate incentives. Customers having suffered a bad shopping experience do generally leave a feedback. But it could affect the company’s credibility. In order to grab some positive verified customers’ reviews, you can offer them certain incentives like free shipping, discount and surprise gifts. 
  • Personalized Message: On every purchase, Google sends an email link to customers asking them to put their feedback there. However, you can also follow the process with a personalized message – it works. In your mail, you should explain to the customers that why customers’ reviews matter so much and how the company treats each review with the utmost You can even call the customer and courteously ask him to post his review. 
  • Follow Each Review: You have to analyze each review on merit personally and move on. If you receive positive reviews, then convey thanks to him via email or telephone. In the case of negative reviews, personally, ask them the reasons for the same.

Each review counts. Verified customers reviews are a sure shot success to boost the online visibility of your firm and improve its search engine ranking on Google and other sites. Keeping in touch with customers will eventually help you grab reviews that are more positive.

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