Tips to use Facebook Ads effectively to generate more Sales

facebook ads effectively

Social media platforms like Facebook have been proved to be instrumental in driving in more traffic to businesses in the recent years. A latest report published by Shareaholic states that Facebook alone brought in around 24% of social traffic to websites in the bygone year.

If you are keen on attracting potential buyers for your product through social media referrals, then Facebook Ads feature can be leveraged to maximum benefits. With the fast growth of Facebook’s user base, you can grab more eyeballs with its ads than with any other referral sites.

1. Increasing CTR with authentic buyers:

The Facebook Ads click through rate has been increasing year by year but the growth rate is not satisfactory and still, lies at around 0.2%. Compared to this, there are more channels available with CTR growth around 3%. Often the clicks through ads do not lead the prospective buyers to a meaningful e-commerce site. Advertisers create bogus ads to drive in as much traffic as possible. So identify your buyer personas and get better CTR for more sales.

2. Prequalifying the incoming leads:

Most of the social media users often click on the ads out of curiosity to know what lies in there. They are not actually looking forward to buying anything. Although these kinds of clicks increase your CTR and provide wider visibility to your product, they do not guarantee to increase your sales.

Mentioning things like prices, shipping conditions and payment options in the ad copy often prevent users who are not really looking forward to buying something.

3. Using catchy offer statements in your Ads:

The users get to choose from a plethora of ads on Facebook daily. Therefore, to grab their attention, you have to stand out from the rest. Provide some catchy statements like “Only 200 left in stock”, “First 100 T-Shirts free” to lure customers. As humans, people often delay their decision to purchase something. However, statements like this will compel them to take an instant action.

4. Using better quality images:

Your customers’ behavior largely depends on the image used in your Facebook ads. Unreal or low-quality clustered images often turn many users away from clicking on the ads. Using good-quality images of your product not only increases the CTR but also makes users believe in your authority and credibility. Moreover, make sure that you are using the authentic image of your actual products so that users do not feel like being deceived after clicking through the ad.

5. Using AIDA model to improve your Facebook Ad:

The AIDA model is an excellent solution for making the best out of Facebook ads. It ensures that you use the 90 words of Facebook ads to your maximum benefits. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Frame the words of your ad so that it grabs the user’s attention first, develop an interest in your product, make it look desirable and persuade the user to act instantly.

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