How to Use LinkedIn Video For Social Selling

LinkedIn Video.

These days, one can get to see videos, long and short, running quickly as one scroll down the feed of the social media site. These videos can be a promotion or purely advertising content too or might simply be informative. However, there is no looking away from these videos. Social marketers have realized that video content reaches out fast, and a well-made video makes greater contact as well.

So, even LinkedIn has joined the bandwagon of allowing the users to post a video for promotion. The marketing or LinkedIn video is right next to the status bar. Hence, the visibility is going to be high is what the marketers believe in.

How to put up the LinkedIn video:

There might be many who might recall the fact that LinkedIn tried adding one such video upload feature back last year. That video feature did not allow the users to put a slightly longer video and that was annoying to many too. However, this new feature allows the video content to be a little longer.

Here are the steps that the users can follow to upload their videos of marketing or LinkedIn video.

  • Users can just click on the Video icon right next to the status bar.
  • There is an option of uploading a pre-recorded video or shoots a live video of an event and upload it.
  • Before uploading, the users can write a few words about the video as a short description.
  • This video will play automatically, and the users can also mute or unmute the video as they view it.

What are the benefits of using the video on LinkedIn?

If you are thinking of seeking a specialist firm for handling your corporate LinkedIn page and doing the video marketing, then you shall look out for F1 Digital Consulting. The firm works specifically on the client-need basis, and their dedicated teams of professionals shall do the marketing content and management in tune with the latest demand. However, it is vital that you read about the main benefits that you can reap from putting up the videos on LinkedIn.

  • Portrays a Stronger and crisp image: It enables the content to make a lot of sense and use keywords with care. Sharp content backed with relevant videos shall up the significance of the business. This is why hiring the best of digital marketers is vital.
  • Your business reaches out more: With a long or short video along with your status, you shall be reaching out better. You can check the number of views your video got and the time they stayed to view the content. This is in addition to the already present Sales Navigator tool that the site is offering.
  • Sharing and getting better reach: If your customer or people in your network choose to like, comment or even share that video, the video will feature on their feed also and their network people get to view your video too. All of this will happen without much of your effort as well.

So, today, LinkedIn has ensured in bringing great content via video has far better reach and shall improve the sales figure to the clients- individuals and corporate alike.

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